2017 Aus Laser Nationals Wrap Up

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The final day of the Peter Lehmann Wines Adelaide Laser Nationals had a somewhat relaxed feel to it. With two of the three fleets having their winners secured coming into the final day, everyone was just happy to be at the end of such a challenging event.

With another light forecast for the day, crews went out with the aim of waiting for breeze to ensure there was at least one good race. As Principle Race Officer Ross Wilson said “the last day is like the 18th hole in golf, everyone remembers it, so we would much rather have one good race than two not so good races”. Continue reading

Nationals prove Lasers a competitive class for life

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Nationals prove Lasers a competitive class for life

By Cass Schlimbach

With more testing conditions yesterday due to easing wind and a lot of cloud about, it became clear how well the sailors get along out of racing and the large difference in demographics within the class — with the youngest sailor at this event Will McMillan being only 10 years old and those sailing in the great grand masters division in the 65 to 74 year old age bracket.
Will decided to sail Lasers after outgrowing the optimist and has plans to stick with the class for many years to come because of how much fun he has sailing, from creating lifelong friendships and gaining great sailing skills through the high level of competition.

The level of competition has always been high in the Lasers with previous sailors and champions in the class becoming Olympic and world champions in either Lasers or other classes after transferring their knowledge gained from the Laser into their next class or onto their students if they went into a coaching role. Some of those sailors include Nathan Outteridge, Krystal Weir, Michael Blackburn and Glenn Burke.

The stigma of the Lasers is a very serious one where many others think they are all about the Olympics and if that’s not your dream the class is not for you as it is too much effort to sail them to not go all the way.

Photos by Dave Birss, Epsom Rd Studios. Click HERE for more images.

Photos by Dave Birss, Epsom Rd Studios. Click HERE for more images.

However this is simply not true, the class may be a physical class but it is extremely family friendly with the different sized rigs and also creates great friendships, competition and rivalries as we have heard from our youngest sailor in the nationals fleet, Will.

If someone needs help with settings, boat work or general sailing knowledge there is always at least one sailor, coach or supporter who is happy to give some help and information to those in need to help them become better sailors.

Photos by Dave Birss, Epsom Rd Studios. Click HERE for more images.

Photos by Dave Birss, Epsom Rd Studios. Click HERE for more images.

This ability to send knowledge and tips and tricks to those less experienced sailors is the main reason the class is as strong and as competitive as it is in Australia.

Not just because the top sailors in Australia are also the top in the world, but because of the large support network and respect each sailor has for one another — this ensures the future of the class every time they hit the water.

For full results CLICK HERE.

Video by Beau Outteridge Productions

2017 Peter Lehmann Wines Australian Laser Championships

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2017 Peter Lehmann Wines Australian Laser Championships

Day one of racing for the 2017 Peter Lehmann Wines Australian Laser Championships was a light wind day. Only one race was ran for all fleets. In this video we caught up with Matthew Wearn (WA) and Elyse Ainsworth (WA) to hear about their day.

Follow the Peter Lehmann Wines Australian Laser Championships 2017 online with the Trac Trac GPS tracking system.

Laser Nationals – Coach Boats to be Registered & Measuring Times

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screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-8-45-56-amOnly two weeks to go now until Laser Sailors from around the world descend on Adelaide for the Peter Lehmann Wines Australian Laser Championships 2017.

The weather has been hotting up in Adelaide as we prepare for an exciting 9 day period of action starting on 27th December with Measuring and the Welcome Function.

Final preparations are being made, with exciting innovations including GPS tracking, daily professional video updates and daily presentations for the day’s winners with leader’s bibs being carried each day by major division leaders.

Last week we updated you on the announcement of Peter Lehmann Wines as the major sponsor of the event. For those inclined, Peter Lehmann Wines will be on site daily to provide wine tasting and plans are afoot for a Wine Tour to their iconic cellar door in the Barossa Valley on the Rest Day (1st January 2017). More details to follow.

For now – we have a call out to all Coach & Support boats that they need to be registered for the event. Please follow the details below.

We are also planning ahead for Measuring.
With 207 boats to measure, good planning is required and we have decided to get all participants to pre-book a 30 minute window in which to be measured.
Again please follow the details below.
Coach & Support Boat Registration
Please note we have now put online a form to fill out to register your Coach or Support boat that you would like to use during the 2017 Laser Nationals.

The form can be accessed HERE and needs to be completed by any prospective Coach or Support boat to be used during the regatta.


We all know its required, but it can often be a hassle queuing up for hours at big regattas.

To try and reduce your wait time and make the Measuring system more efficient, we have decided to assign specific time slots to each entrant.

We require that you head to HERE and choose your time in advance.

Melbourne turns on spectacular Sailing World Cup finish

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Melbourne turned on its best day at the Sailing World Cup Final….
Matt Wearn (AUS) and Pavlos Kontides (CYP) held the top two Laser spots on 18 and 20 points with Tom Burton (AUS) and Tonci Stipanovic (CRO) third and fourth on 34 and 35. The top scorers were well clear of the pack heading into the Medal Race so it was first versus second and third against fourth to decide who walked away with the World Cup honours.

Continue reading

Laser Class Announces New Composite Top Mast

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The International Laser Class Association (ILCA) is pleased to announce the release of a class-legal composite top mast section that is expected to be available for purchase in early 2017.

Because the new mast was designed with the exact same weight and bend characteristics as the existing aluminium upper sections, it will not provide a performance advantage but instead will eliminate the permanent bending problems associated with the aluminium spars.

“ILCA’s policy regarding the introduction of new equipment is that it should always have the same characteristics as the existing equipment and that the new equipment should not give a performance advantage when raced alongside existing equipment,” says ILCA Executive Secretary, Eric Faust. “The composite mast definitely meets that objective. It’s been tested by some of the top Laser sailors in the world and they all agree that they can’t determine any difference while sailing.”

According to ILCA Technical Officer, Clive Humphris, “The new top section has been rigorously developed and tested over the past six years to assure that it is a ‘like-for-like’ part with the current mast. The advantage is that the new mast will be much more durable and won’t be prone to permanent bending like the aluminum masts.”

ILCA President, Tracy Usher, agrees. “I’ve sailed with a prototype composite upper while training in a wide variety of conditions — I couldn’t tell any difference between having this spar on the boat or using an aluminium one. I sail the same way and the boat seems to behave the same way. Everything felt the same.”

“This is going to make Laser sailing easier for everyone,” adds Usher. “Sailors won’t need to carefully align their mast rivet when rigging or worry about straightening their masts after a day of heavy air sailing. It’s going to be a big improvement for everyone!”

Because the composite mast is now a fully approved change to the Laser Construction Manual, there is no need for a change to the Laser Class Rules. As long as the mast is purchased from an approved Laser Builder or one of its authorised dealers, it will be legal for use at all ILCA sanctioned events.

The new mast specifications have been developed in close cooperation between the approved Laser Builders, World Sailing and ILCA. Because the composite top section is class legal and it will not provide any advantage in performance on the water, neither ILCA nor World Sailing anticipate that the use of the composite mast will need to be restricted for any future events. If it is subsequently determined that the use of the mast needs to be restricted, this will be controlled by Notice of Race on an event-by-event basis.

Carbon Top Sections will be available from PSA from February 1st 2017, click image below to pre order.


Oceania Laser update

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On 19 November 2016, at the International Laser Class Association (ILCA) annual general

meeting, the World Council voted to change the geographic boundaries of the Asia Pacific

region into Asia and Oceania.

There are many reasons for this decision but the main one was to be geographically in line

with the International Olympic Council (IOC) and their view on the five continents around the

world as described by the five Olympic rings in the Olympic trade mark logo. Oceania is one

of those rings.

This new region for Laser, Oceania, will incorporate all Pacific island nations and Australia

and New Zealand.

While it is early days, the Oceania Laser Committee will work out the best way to run a viable

Oceania Laser Continental Championships annually that will gain the respect of the IOC and

World Sailing (WS) and set a bench mark for other ILCA regions to follow.

In the future it is hoped that this event will attract WS points and eventually be an Olympic

selection regatta for Oceania and ILCA member countries.

This initiative will create an opportunity for increased participation in Youth, Open and

Master sailing that will lead to stronger Laser class racing in the region.

In the meantime all Oceania Countries not registered or financial with the peak body ILCA

should become financial and compliant. Details on ILCA website.

Things like websites and better communications will be resolved over time and I will send

information when it comes available, so be proud and be involved and we all will be winners.