Voting Now Open for Proposed 2019 ILCA Rule Change

Voting Now Open for Proposed 2019 ILCA Rule Change

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Voting is now open for a VERY important ILCA Class Rule change.

Voting is open from 1 July to 31 July 2019.

To secure the future of our class and provide certainty to World Sailing that we can meet their new Olympic Classes requirements, the ILCA World Council seeks your support by voting “YES” to approve an important class rule change: to remove the requirement for Builders to be licensed by Laser trademark owners. 

Click Here to Vote Now 

For additional information about the proposed rule change, click on any of the following links:– 

Rule Change Overview
Detailed Rule Change Information
Comprehensive Q&A
Full Rule Change Text

In a vote of the ILCA World Council, this rule change was overwhelmingly approved by an 11 to 2 margin, including the unanimous approval of all six ILCA Regional Chairmen.

The class now needs your support!

Your vote “YES” will:
1) Make sure that our class will remain in the Olympics.
2) Ensure that class-legal equipment is available in ALL parts of the world.
3) Give control of our class to the sailors, not the commercial parties.

To be counted you must vote by 31 July 2019.In order to secure the future of our class, please take a moment to click the link below and vote “YES” now in a quick, 1-question online survey.

Click Here to Vote Now

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