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Breaking news

“World Sailing are considering proposal E26-17 on application of Rule 42 to Laser class sailing.

We the ALCA understand that the submission E26-17, has been presented to the board of World Sailing which, if adopted, will have the effect of removing the restrictions of Rule 42 from Laser racing at World Sailing and Olympic events in all but light breezes.”

The Australian Laser Class association are totally opposed to this proposal & are seeking the support of Australian Sailing to have the proposal thrown out (click here to see attached letter from ALCA president Ken Hurling) We believe if adopted, the rule change would inevitably trickle down to National, State championships & even club racing. Body pumping Lasers both up & down wind will lead to serious injury. Young & old sailors will be excluded from the class.

This proposal is driven by the media & WS are once again going down a crazy path by ignoring the interests of the average sailor.



John d’Helin

VLA President

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