Oceania Laser update

Oceania Laser update

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On 19 November 2016, at the International Laser Class Association (ILCA) annual general

meeting, the World Council voted to change the geographic boundaries of the Asia Pacific

region into Asia and Oceania.

There are many reasons for this decision but the main one was to be geographically in line

with the International Olympic Council (IOC) and their view on the five continents around the

world as described by the five Olympic rings in the Olympic trade mark logo. Oceania is one

of those rings.

This new region for Laser, Oceania, will incorporate all Pacific island nations and Australia

and New Zealand.

While it is early days, the Oceania Laser Committee will work out the best way to run a viable

Oceania Laser Continental Championships annually that will gain the respect of the IOC and

World Sailing (WS) and set a bench mark for other ILCA regions to follow.

In the future it is hoped that this event will attract WS points and eventually be an Olympic

selection regatta for Oceania and ILCA member countries.

This initiative will create an opportunity for increased participation in Youth, Open and

Master sailing that will lead to stronger Laser class racing in the region.

In the meantime all Oceania Countries not registered or financial with the peak body ILCA

should become financial and compliant. Details on ILCA website.

Things like websites and better communications will be resolved over time and I will send

information when it comes available, so be proud and be involved and we all will be winners.

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