Head of State Coaching

Head of State Coaching

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Hello All

No doubt word has started to filter out that Adrian has agreed to take on a Head of State Coaching role here in Victoria with One Sailing. This has been as a result of the exhaustive review of our coaching program that kicked off with a forum in early February that most, if not all of you, have been part of.

Firstly, apologies that you were not formally advised about the appointment. Agreement was only reached on Saturday, and then at the VST induction on Sunday it seemed appropriate that the appointment be outlined. Once the start date and other details are known a formal announcement via the various channels will be made to the full sailing audience.


A few things –

Adrian will take on the Head of State Coaching role and have a focus on youth classes for VST and other ‘campaigning’ sailors. Adrian will be on water Wed to Sun at three or four locations and a roster will be prepared shortly. He will also lead the various interstate campaigns from a coaching perspective, along with other coaches.

Other part-time and casual coaches will still be engaged for state level coaching and this will also be worked through. Adrian will not be the sole coach for everyone.

There will be a user-pay element for the Wed-Sun coaching and that will be outlined in the roster document.

Adrian will most likely start at Qld Youth Week and then commence the Wed-Sun activity in term 3.

The review called for greater clarity of roles and greater efficiencies.

We’ve commenced discussions with Partner Class programs who have acknowledged their role in being very good at Class Development (recruitment, participation, fun, social, retention) and not having to worry about high performance and organising interstate trips. YV (One Sailing) will look after that as part of its more clarified role.

An update on the current members of the YV Coaching Committee are – Tim Grogan – Chairman, Scott Lidgett, Bronwyn Bird, Kate Goss, Lesley Fasala, Steve Walker

Please contact me if you have any queries.
Kind regards

Lesley Fasala

Sailing Manager

Yachting Victoria

2/77 Beach Rd, Sandringham, Vic 3191

 03 9597 0066 | M 0412 502 395  | W www.yachtingvictoria.com.au




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