Yachting Victoria - State Coaching Positions

Yachting Victoria – State Coaching Positions

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Yachting Victoria seeks Expressions of Interest from suitably qualified sailing coaches to be part of its revised HP Coaching Program.

During the early part of 2016 a thorough review of the current coaching programs has taken place. This has involved the seven partner classes, the VIS, YA, the Coaching Committee, several other coaching experts, and the YV Board. All of the input and feedback has resulted in an adjustment to the program that will free up the class partner programs to focus on ‘Class Development’ (recruitment/participation/retention/critical mass), and YV to take care of the HP aspect of coaching. This will be with an emphasis around campaigning and representation and will include VST and VST ‘Invitational” level sailors.

Suitably qualified coaches are invited to Express their Interest by addressing the below items. In the first instance this should be in a 2-3 page note, with an accompanying CV. The two should be merged into one attachment and be emailed to Lesley Fasala.

Items to Address

 The classes you are best suited to coaching at the HP level.

 The age groups you are best suited to coaching at the HP level.

 Your ‘portability’ in terms of coaching at different locations on different days of the week.

 Your ‘flexibility’ with regard to working weekends, late afternoons/evenings, and travelling interstate.

 Your ability to ‘talent id’ and develop HP pathways for athletes at differing stages.

 Your ability to plan, organise and execute.

 Your ability to engage other contract coaches and S&C service providers.

 Other information that a panel may need to know about you.

Those coaches that are shortlisted for an interview with the YV panel, will further workshop, at interview, how they think the HP coaching program can work in Victoria and how maximum output can be achieved with the resources at YV’s disposal.

If you believe that this opportunity is for you and that you have something to offer the program please have your Expression of Interest (one attachment) to myself by Monday 2 May. Email: events@yachtingvictoria.com.au

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