2016 AUS Laser Masters Championships

2016 AUS Laser Masters Championships

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The 2016 Aus Laser Masters Championships was held over the past 4 days with perfect weather for all the competitors. Stiff competition in all categories with plenty of familiar faces out in front. With a fleet of around 2oo on the bay from all across Australia and NZ there was plenty of action.

Taking out the 4.7’s was Bronwyn Mitchell
Radial Apprentice winner was Jeffrey Myers
Radial Master winner was Sean Atherton Feeney
Radial Grand Master winner was Greg Adams
Radial GGM winner was Rob Lowndes
STD Apprentice winner was Brett Morris
STD Master winner was Brett Beyer
STD GM winner was Brad Taylor
STD GGM winner was Peter Stephinson

Full list of results


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