2015 Zhik Victorian and Youth Laser States - Results

2015 Zhik Victorian and Youth Laser States – Results

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We were all set for one of the biggest VLA regattas in some time, however, we were somewhat let down by a lack of wind across both days.

On Saturday, the Race Committee got the fleet on the water in very light winds.  After almost getting racing underway at one point, only to be stopped by yet another wind shift, all boats were towed back to the Club about 4pm.

Sunday was more promising with racing getting underway on schedule at 10am.  Throughout the morning the wind slowly and persistently shifted from 350 degrees around to the left.  After a light wind, first race of about 4 -> 7 knots, a second race was completed in even less breeze.

A third race was started, however the breeze died out, and the boats were again towed back to the Club.

While a new breeze appeared about 2.15pm, by the time it settled after ~2.30pm, there was no time remaining to get the boats back out on the course and racing underway by the cut-off time of 3.00pm.

As we did not get the minimum of three races for a series, the 2015 Zhik Victorian and Youth State Championships will not appear in the record books.

Not to be deterred, the VLA was able to present the great Zhik gear on offer to the winners (non-official) based on the two races completed.

Results for the two races that were completed are available here: Results