Sarah Blanck Regatta 2014

Sarah Blanck Regatta 2014

Posted in Reports by Sean Bly.


An amazing weekend was had by everyone who attended the all-female coaching regatta over the weekend of November 8th/9th for Laser, Sabre and Opti class sailing boats.

I was lucky enough to head up an outstanding all female coaching team of Tanya Stanford, Caitlin Davies, Jessica Case, and Megan DeLange coaching the Sabres, Melissa Hitchen-Haw and Belinda Brett-Stowell lending their experience and expertise to the Lasers whilst Eliza Solly nurtured the Optis. So for all groups it was a fantastic and exciting opportunity to learn and meet from some of our top female sailors in the country.

With incredible support from Westernport Yacht Club members, especially Peta Pietromonaco, and a host of others such as Lou Hutton (PRO) and Glenys Hitchen to mention a few who made the event possible and come together whilst maintaining a fantastic fun atmosphere and fostering great sailing camaraderie.

The Saturday produced challenging conditions right from the start with a gusty offshore breeze greeting the girls after briefings from their respective coaches. At the end of the session and de-briefings everyone had lunch between much excited talking and laughter!

The afternoon session centred on short races with more close quarter coaching. It was amazing to see so many improve incredibly quickly and try so hard all day even when energy levels started to wane.

Sunday gave us a better day with gentler winds and a similar format to the Saturday with renewed energy after a good night’s sleep!  Boat handling and race craft skills visibly improved over the whole weekend by all the groups.

With the sailing concluded by the afternoon, prizes and beautifully sculptured trophies by local Portsea artist Jos Law were awarded.

With such a great group I hope to see you all again next year and maybe bring some friends!!