Class Development Report/Sunday 24th August two Great Events

Class Development Report/Sunday 24th August two Great Events

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photo 1Sunday 17th August saw over 20 Lasers hit the water off Mordialloc. First group out in the morning were the Class Development (12) Group, who under the instruction of Ben Gunther, undertook an excellent session in an 8 – 12 Knot SE breeze with plenty of sunshine.  Most of the HP squad went out for a practice sail and joined in the Class Development Group for a few of the drills, which allowed everyone to mix it up a bit. It’s great to see these two groups getting together providing nearly 20 boats spinning around marks, getting off the start lines or running downwind together.

Ben worked on this week’s specific drills for the Class Development group. Each week Ben and the sailors are consolidating on what has been done and also being introduced to a new aspect to practice.

photo 2

Ben’s report is below.

“Yesterday we got lucky with the weather and had a great southerly breeze of around 8-12 kts. In the morning a large group of 12 started with a short drill of rounding two marks. The aim was to focus on rolling our boats to help gybe and tack. Everyone did a great job with this but there was still room for improvement including closer mark roundings and bigger rolls (particularly to windward when bearing away).

Another key tip to come out of this drill was the aim of getting the mainsheet block-to-block (rear blocks) as the boat tacks. This helps steer the boat through the tack by tightening the leach.

After a few laps we headed up wind, keeping in an even line by using rabbit/gate starts. It took a little while but the whole group eventual worked out the importance of positioning as the ‘rabbit’ starts crossing. Boats need to be even with all the other boats (not 2 boat lengths behind!) and allow at least a boat length of space to leeward and windward. Overall everyone looked very good upwind. A few had a bit of trouble with outhaul tensions and keeping the mainsheet tight (needed to be b-2-b).

After a short downwind we started some quick, one lap races. For the first 4 races all sailors were not allowed to hike or use their hiking strap. The aim was to encourage everyone to use other controls to depower, keep the boat upright and moving. For the last two races hiking was allowed and everyone learned how much faster the boat goes when you hike 🙂
We finished the morning with an acceleration drill which made obvious the benefit of being able to sheet in the mainsheet fast.

The two races in the afternoon were a great show of the fantastic mix of sailors the laser fleet currently has in Victoria. Everyone started ‘reasonably’ close to the start line which made for some competitive first beats. A clear difference across the course was less clouds out to sea (right) and with it a bit more pressure. Lots of gains were made from staying right of the fleet. In the debrief we also covered how to manage boats on the final leg to the finish.

Hope you all had a great day on the water! See you next Sunday.


The afternoon produced perfect sailing conditions with a very steady breeze. Mordialloc Sailing Club put on two excellent races and congratulations to all those who participated and to the winners. It was a beautiful day out on the water.

It’s never too late to join in so if you want to come along next Sunday just register via the following link.

This Sunday 24/8 we will again be running the Laser Class Development with Ben, but also have our first Women/Girls only Laser training session being conducted by Mark Tonner-Joyce. If you haven’t already booked please use the link above and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Bookings are essential so that we can ensure the safety of all the sailors and maintain a good coach to sailor