Laser Class Development/Mordialloc Winter Series

Laser Class Development/Mordialloc Winter Series

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Sunday 3 August was the first day of the Mordialloc winter series for 2014, and it was a spectacular day with between 5 – 8 knots from the west / south west settling in for the afternoons racing. After the weather on Thursday and Friday nobody was expecting such a fantastic day on Sunday.

Prior to the racing in the afternoon, Mordialloc was host to 15 lasers participating in training provided by the VLA. Seven sailors participated in the first Class Development session, and four of the group were female. The boys could be in trouble this summer! This is a fantastic opportunity to get some high quality coaching from the best Laser coaches around with a mixture of 5 x 4.7’s a Radial and a full rig.

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Sean Bly was coaching this group and initially spent time discussing boat set up including topics such as traveller tension, hiking straps and the mainsheet, before the participants went out on the water.

On the water the focus of the group was on boat handling before the afternoon racing. Sean then debriefed everyone after the racing. It was a magnificent day of quality coaching for the Class Development group with a lot of valuable information being passed on.

The plan for next week is to focus on upwind boat handling with each week after that working on a specific topic and skill with Ben Gunther coaching. Ben has just returned from Poland where he competed in the Men’s Radial World Championships finishing 9th. Congratulations to Ben on a fantastic performance.

Alongside the class development group, the Laser High Performance group were also training. The VLA groups plus a few regulars brought the total number of Lasers on the water to about 17 for the racing. We hope to see you at Mordialloc next week.
It’s never too late to join in and if you would like to join the group please book on

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