Laser Nationals Measurement Pre-Check

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Published on: 25 July, 2014


VLA sailor competing at the Australian Nationals may upon request to the VLA Measurer (Nev Beeson) have their boat checked for ILCA compliance during the MSC Winter Series or the VLA Laser Development Training Program.

A part of VLA Laser Development Program is being run concurrently with the MSC Winter Series.

Protective Collar Laser Mast Bottom Section

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Published on: 25 July, 2014


As a result of successful testing the VLA has purchased a quantity of, ILCA class legal, Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethelene material than can be applied to Laser mast bottom sections to prevent scoring of the mast at deck level and wear to the hull. The material is 50.8 Mil wide and .3 Mil thick and it is recommended that a 720 degree band be applied to the mast at deck level ( but not to exceed 10 Mil above deck level) and a further band be applied to the base of the mast. The material is adhesive backed.

The fixing of a protective collar is highly recommended for RADIAL bottom sections in order to minimise the possibility of failure at deck level.

Cut lengths of UHMW Polyethelene material can be purchased from the VLA Class Measurer (Nev Beeson) during the Mordialloc Sailing Club (MSC) Winter Series / VLA Development Training . Cost of Qty 2 Bands of material each providing for a 720 wrap is $ 20.

Women & Girls Coaching Sessions

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Published on: 21 July, 2014

Laser Class Development

Women & Girls Coaching Sessions

The Victorian Laser Association and Victorian Laser coach Mark Tonner-Joyce, are pleased to advise the first Women and Girls coaching session will be held at Mordialloc Sailing Club on the 24 August commencing at 9am.

A Laser Class Development day is also being held at Mordialloc on the 24th but the Women and Girls coaching session will be run by Mark, and will be separate to any Class Development Activity.

Mark will commence the session at 9am, and it will be a full day of training. In the afternoon the group will decide to either:

  1. continue training with Mark as an independent group, or
  2. join the racing, with Mark reviewing & critiquing race performance afterwards.

The cost for the day is $50.00. If you have already registered for the 7 days of Class Development training you can swap the Class Development session with this session.
Please book for the session on

Select Girls Session 1 – Mordialloc Sailing Club” for the correct registration.

For further information please contact

  • Joby or
  • Camilla Graves

P.S.: Change to Schedule

Day 2: Sunday 12th October- Venue to be confirmed.

The session planned for 9th November will be postponed. We encourage all females to participate in the Sarah Blanck Perpetual Trophy for Women and Girls to be raced at Westernport.

Day 3: Sunday 15th February

Day 4: Sunday 1st March

Laser Class Development Day – Mordialloc Sailing Club

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Published on: 20 July, 2014


The Victorian Laser Association in conjunction with Mordialloc Sailing Club is pleased to announce that there will be seven Laser Class Development days held in conjunction with the Mordialloc Winter Series.

The Laser Class Development days are:

    • Focused on skills development for Laser sailors regularly racing of any age group who are VLA members.
    • To develop skills for younger sailors aspiring to become members of Victorian Sailing Team.
    • Targeted at sailors intending to compete at State and National Championships.

There will be Laser Coaching in the morning from 9 am until 11am followed by on water coaching in the afternoon racing.

The dates for the Class Development days are:

    • Sunday 3 August
    • Sunday 10 August
    • Sunday 17 August
    • Sunday 24 August
    • Sunday 7 September
    • Sunday 14 September
    • Sunday 21 September.

The cost per day is $50.00 per sailor, or $300.00 for all 7 sessions. Please book online at

Please confirm your bookings as soon as possible so we can ensure that we have sufficient coaches and support boats.

Come along and meet your fellow VLA members in what is always a great event-please Register Now.


Sail Country Regatta

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Published on: 17 July, 2014

Sail Country

Melbourne Cup Weekend 1st & 2nd of November 2014
On the NSW/Victorian Border AWYC is the ideal Location for a Heat of your Travellers series, Inland Championships or a State of Origin Event.
Give us a call and get it on your Annual Events Calendar!
Open to all OTB classes, Catamaran and Trailable Yachts & Sportsboats Tel: 0467 355 258 for more information – youtube playlist

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Published on: 13 July, 2014

youtube playlist


We have created a viclaser youtube playlist. We are still building out the content for your enjoyment. If you come across some great Laser related video’s and would like to share them with us, then please email the link to

Enjoy watching the following: – New Event Board

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Published on: 10 July, 2014

Event Board

Over the last few weeks we have been making changes to how the calendar is displayed and we hope you like the improvements. We have grouped events into the following segments:

  • VLA – Events that are run by your VLA;
  • VIC – Events in Victoria that Lasers will be competing at;
  • AUS – Events in Australia that VLA members might be interested to compete in; and
  • INTL – International Laser events.

In addition, we have created a view to present our calendar in a different way and that is our new VLA Event Board. You can find all these views under our Events option in the main menu.

Finally, we have provided an option for you to subscribe to our ICAL feed. Please subscribe via

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